by smizmar

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"Lo! the foot dropped from on high
drawing ever nearer the splinter directly inferior
a puncture, a gush, and blood sprung forth
in thick, gooey globs
O ligneous fate!
O sanguine horror!"


released June 20, 2016

Wes: Recordin', Mixin' @ metric yards

Dillon Olmedo: Masterin' @ Harcourt Mastering&Mixing: www.facebook.com/harcourtmasteringmixing/?fref=ts

Alisha Conde: Foot

Noah Wilkinson: Additional guitar, bass, and keyboards


Wes Gilbert: pluckin', pickin', singin', and ringin'


Henry Allen: tappin', smackin', hittin, and spittin'



all rights reserved


smizmar Athens, Ohio

Smizmar is a moody rock band from Athens, OH

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Track Name: posterity
i'll scratch it down on my legal pad
i wanna save these ideas for later
i'll hit record so i don't forget
i wonder if this is loud to the neighbors

this place hasn't changed
every day's the same and it's starting to get to my head
i never saved a thing
been broke for weeks spent every last dollar i had

i wanna remember
y i came here in the first place
Track Name: pregunta
who knows?
who cares?

it's probably gon' be aight

don't let 'em know you don't know what's goin' on
Track Name: splinters
splinter in my thumb
dig it out for me
i'd dig it out for you

grasping at a straw
reaching out to you
still you pull away

stranger at the door
looking for a friend
there's no friend to be found here

there's no sense to this depth
dimensionless, infinite
time is wasted on us
cold, emotionless
Track Name: mistaken
i'm not the person you're thinking of
i'm not the person 'you're looking for
maybe i was that person once
but i'm not that person any more

i'll stay searching for myself
try and find a plan that works
digging for these answers doesn't help
Track Name: #sick
i'm sick of being sick of it
sick of being sick of it
sick of being sick of it all

i do a lot of nothin'
tryin' to find somethin' better to do
i'm doublin' up on lost time

nothing's ever certain
nothing's ever certain
nothing's ever really for sure

everyone gets a chance to be the bad guy
i still don't know what's right

i'm passing unseen through other people's eyes
i'm passing unseen through other people's lives

i doubled up on lost time
i'm dragging my way through the day
this boredom consumes me
eating away at my brain